Saturday, January 11, 2014

Remembering Rev. Dr. Albert Southall

I will forever have memories of the Rev. Dr. Albert Southall who gave me my first invitation out of the state of Tennessee to preach..... at Evangelist Baptist Church in Port Hueneme, California. It was my first plane ride, hotel, big honorarium, $1000 on Sunday morning 27 years ago. He was ahead of time with the most progressive church in the county. He had a choir that followed him across the state almost weekly. They song on base, for the Kiwanis clubs, in front of all races, and with the Spirit of God. Rev. Dr. Albert Southall believed it me so much and put the efforts and support behind me that would cause me to believe in myself. 
Twenty-seven years later, Five degrees later, Five churches later, hundreds of invitations later, tens of states later, board member of the National Baptist Convention USA INC, later,  President of the Paradise Baptist State Convention of Arizona later, faculty of the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education later, speaker for countless number of citywide revivals, conferences, state conventions, and local churches, I still remember and appreciate Rev. Dr. Albert Southall who gave me my break into mainline ministry..... Rest in Peace.....
Pastors my age...... To Whom are we reaching out? In who are we investing time, energy and resouces? Reach out to at least one young minister....If you can.... This is a different breed out here from us......We loved, respected, admired and appreciated the older pastors. Twenty-five years and up puts you in the "Older Pastor" catergory in my blog.  Pastors, if you can.... get one... put him/her under your wings...and help launch them into successful ministry as the Lord has blessed us; that will give them the chance to fulfill their calling and be fulfilled in the process. And Rev. Dr. Albert Southall was my first introduction to the American Baptist Churches. He always wanted me to be a part of the American Baptist Churches. Rev. Dr. Albert Southall, I am now a part of the American Baptist Churches. Thank you!

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